R.J. Scheffel Memorial Toy Project
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   Toy Makers for Disadvantaged and "In Crisis" Children

Our Motto: "People don't stop doing things because they get older;
They get older because they stop doing things."
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These are some patterns (on 8.5x11 paper) that we use to create the toys. Download them and cut out your own patterns for toys. Help a needy child any way you can.

The link to videos will open a video showing construction of the toy. They are generally show at 2 times actual speed to not take so much time to display. (We don't work that fast - it isn't safe.) :-)

Car Patterns

Cars & Duck

Small Cars (for 1xs)


VW Dune Buggy
Video: Making Dune Buggies (2x Speed)

Fish Pull Toy
Video: Making a Fish Pull Toy (2x speed)

Memory Box
Video: Making a Memory Box (1.5x speed)

Penny Hockey
Video: Making a Penny Hockey Game Toy (2x speed)


Helicopter-Sm Dino

Horse & Pony

Video: Making Airplanes (2x speed)


  Semi-Truck & Tractor

Step Stool
Video: Making a Step Stool (2x speed)

Stick Horse Head

Tool Box

Road Grader & Bulldozer
Video: Making a Bulldozer (2x Speed)


More Fish

Turtle & Shark

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